Product range

Anforderungen an die Energieeffizienz von Elektromotoren Übersicht IE Richtlinienverschärfung ab 2021 und 2023 Efficiency requirements for electric motors

AC servomotor

with high standstill torques

Katalog-Nr: 835

Three-phase motor

Protection type IP23

Katalog-Nr: 822

Encapsulated motor

Protection type IP67 to 6kW

Katalog-Nr: 824

Submersible motor

Protection type IP68
Immersion depth up to 30m

Katalog-Nr: 825

Marine motor

for under- and upper deck installation with or without approval of the classification companies

Katalog-Nr: 829

DC motor

Protection type IP44

Katalog-Nr: 831

Three-phase motor

Protection type IP55 performances from 0.02kW to 1700kW

Katalog-Nr: 821

Three-phase motor

0.75kW up to 375kW

Katalog-Nr: 821/IE

Three-phase motor

IE2 + IE3
0.75kW up to 375kW

Katalog-Nr: 821/IE

Wound-rotor induction motors

Protection class IP54

Katalog-Nr: 836

Water-cooled three-phase motors

Performances up to 1700kW

Katalog-Nr: 837

Flat motors

Three-phase special motors in flat design. Speeds up to 24,000 rpm.

Explosion-proof motors

according to ATEX 94/9/EC

Ultra Premium Efficiency Motors IE5

Stainless steel motors IP68

with water cooling or pot motor version

High-speed three-phase machines

for test bench applications

Three-phase current slip-ring motors

Circulating fan motors

for tempering processes

Explosion-proof marine motors

for upper-deck installation