The driving force for over 70 years ...

EMOD was founded by Herbert Odenwald in Bad Salzschlirf as a one-man business in 1953. His sons Roland and Reiner took over the running of the company and today, with Jan and Sven Odenwald, the third generation of the family is already represented in the business.

An important step in the company history was the launch of the Fulda site in 1980, which in 2015 was again considerably enlarged to a production area of 23,000 square metres.

Today, on a total of 34,000 square metres of production space at the sites in Fulda and Bad Salzschlirf, the company makes motors of the sizes 35 to 112, plus encapsulated, servo and flat motors. In the Fulda factory the company also makes all motors of sizes 132 to 560 and DC and submersible motors.

Of essential significance to the success of the company is its strong orientation on the future. It has focussed for years on sustainability and energy efficiency. Many motors with energy efficiency class IE5, for example, already fulfil better standards today in terms of CO2 emissions and electric power economy than are required by law.

EMOD is now one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electric motors, currently employs around 475 staff and provides training in five professions.

Going forward too the company will do everything to ensure that all around the world the name EMOD stands for guaranteed quality and pragmatic development and that secure jobs and training positions can be offered for people in the region in the future as well.