Apprenticeship at EMOD

“Our trainees are the innovative energy of tomorrow.”

Sven Odenwald, Authorised Officer

A step ahead of the future - together.

You are important to us: If you begin an apprenticeship with us, you can be certain that we will do all we can to ensure that you complete this successfully and subsequently have a secure job with us. You are part of a big team in two respects, because out of our approximately 475 employees around 45 are trainees in various areas. We are one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of electric motors, with products sought after internationally.

An apprenticeship at EMOD means …

  • working in a globally active, family-run company with around 475 employees and over 70 years of experience on the market
  • secure job thanks to future-oriented company management
  • innovativeness and exciting projects
  • attractive training payment, regulated working hours and no weekend work
  • approachable trainers and prompt response to your concerns
  • highly practice-oriented training from the beginning onwards
  • variety, with experience of all areas of the company during training
  • choice of final site of employment according to individual skills and talent
  • possibility of shortened apprenticeship with corresponding performance
  • special preparation courses for exams on request or as required
  • 100% opportunity of a job following successful passing of exams and with mutual suitability
  • good long-term prospects for career and development through employer-funded further training and qualification following the apprenticeship
  • awareness of social and ecological responsibility within the company – focus on energy efficiency

“I started at EMOD 20 years ago as a trainee electronics technician for machinery and drive technology. Today I am head of department. Together with my team, I have evolved to meet my tasks and have worked on numerous interesting assignments over the years.”

Fabian Schneider, Head of Department

“EMOD is always looking to the future. I appreciate this. My contact partners are always willing to help and in future I can work in the areas that suit my strengths.”

Selina Borschel, Trainee Industrial Clerk

Industrial Clerk (m/f/d)

You keep the wheels turning. With customer orientation from purchasing to sales …

As Industrial Clerk (m/f/d), you are an all-round talent with a commercial and business management area of tasks. Variety is guaranteed, because as a customer-oriented clerk you work on a diverse range of team, process and project-oriented aspects.

You are …

  • the link between our company, our customers and our suppliers.
  • responsible for ensuring the supply of materials and in constant interaction with our suppliers, so that we are able to produce on time and according to demand.
  • the contact for our customers, ensuring that we receive job orders and sell our end products.
  • jointly responsible for the drafting of offers and processing of commercial procedures.
  • a support for our colleagues in the accounts department.

The duration of training is 3.5 years.


Electronics Technician for Machinery and Drive Technology (m/f/d)

You bring our products to life. With a love of technology and an eye for detail …

No two of our motors are alike. As Electronics Technician for Machinery and Drive Technology (m/f/d) skill and flexibility are called for, together with the ability to immerse yourself in complex technical tasks and process these.

You are …

  • responsible for the assembly of electric machines and drive systems.
  • responsible for bringing together the individual components to form a functioning motor.
  • the expert who subsequently puts the assembled motor through its paces, ensuring that it reaches our customers in fully functioning condition.

The duration of training is 3.5 years.


Technical Product Designer for Machinery and Plant Design (m/f/d)

You put ideas into practice. With creativity and understanding of figures and technology …

As Technical Product Designer for Machinery and Plant Design (m/f/d) you balance the wishes and requirements of our customers with the technical and physical options available, creating proposed solutions for the respective assignment. Today, work that was previously carried out on paper is undertaken using 3D-CAD software and FEM software.

You are …

  • responsible for the drawing of components as well as prototypes in 3D, also conducting computer simulated stress tests.
  • in continuous close co-ordination with colleagues in the production department to ensure that the designs are technically feasible and suitable for the intended use.
  • skilled in maths and physics - measuring angles and volumes, identifying centres of gravity, checking force and mass, specifying lengths and areas and identifying friction.
  • an expert in the advantages and disadvantages of various materials and auxiliary materials involved in the subsequent production process.
  • responsible for the drafting of precise technical documentation of the finished designs, to serve as construction manuals for your colleagues.

The duration of training is 3.5 years.


Machining Mechanic for Turning (m/f/d)

You master complex tasks. With precision, for a smooth function …

As Machining Mechanic for Turning (m/f/d) you transfer our range of variants from paper to reality, with the highest standards of precision.

You are …

  • an expert for the manufacture and inspection of complex components, ensuring the smooth assembly and faultless function for the end customer.
  • responsible for the production of precision components (cogs, turbine parts etc.) for our products.
  • responsible for the setting up of automated turning, milling and grinding machines, as well as the set-up of CNC machine programmes.

The duration of training is 3.5 years.


IT Specialist for System Integration (m/f/d)

You ensure digital networking and communication. With intelligent and practical solutions …

As IT Specialist for System Integration (m/f/d), you design and realise requirements-based information and communication solutions in the form of networked IT systems.

You …

  • are responsible for equipping our company with the right software and hardware as well as their set-up, installation and configuration.
  • connect hardware and software components to form intelligent system, simplifying the complex requirements of a digitalised working world for us.
  • ensure the smooth running of our digitalised processes as well as our digital communication.
  • are responsible for the maintenance of our IT systems and provide your colleagues with technical support for all issues and problems regarding our IT.
  • have an overview of new products and trends on the IT market.

The duration of training is 3 years.