Quality management

perfect quality management
from first to last!

Mann an Maschine

For EMOD the unbroken chain of quality assurance starts as early as the development phase. Prototypes have to withstand under laboratory conditions the most severe demands, far beyond anything that they will see in day-to-day operation.

How will the newly developed machine perform under conditions of extreme cold, heat or humidity? Will it satisfy the required indices of protection? Is the noise level below the required threshold? The in-house test laboratory at EMOD will answer all these questions, and the results will directly influence the course of the development process.

The decisive influence of high quality on EMOD drives means that all components are continuously checked in production. Here again: no compromise! Mechanical and electrical components are checked during manufacture, to ensure that all tolerances are maintained to the highest precision. Deviations compared to the design values are thus quickly recognised and immediately corrected.

For EMOD customers, the critical link in the quality assurance chain is final acceptance. Without exception, all EMOD drives are tested thoroughly in accordance with the Quality Handbook. This includes careful checking of the insulation, and precise measurement of resistances. Only when a drive has passed each separate aspect of the test is it fit to be supplied to the customer. Now it is a real quality product “Made by EMOD”, and ready to meet all the challenges of a hard working life.

For the highest degree of customer satisfaction, EMOD has worked out a comprehensive and seamless concept of quality assurance.